So, we disagree?

Photo by Kayla Harris on Unsplash

When many Christians say that the Bible interprets the Bible, they often say it as if to mean there is, in fact, no contradiction in the Bible. That’s patently not true. As if, once there is any seen disagreement between two children of a God, it automatically means the faith is shaken.

But clearly, Peter and Paul were agents of God according to the same bible, and did the entire foundation of the faith fall apart?


The reporter of Moses’ life says Moses saw God. But Stephen says Moses saw an Angel of God?

Is God quaking in God’s boots in heaven?


So we disagree. So what?

We are human. That’s how humans come to knowledge — by debate, by disagreement, by discontinuity.

The one thing Paul advised — even if he didn’t always follow his own advice — was to do this with charity, if indeed the purpose is for us to edify each other.

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