The Evidence: Scout Chatbot Lead to 55% Abandoned Cart Recovery

Scout is a chatbot my friend and I developed to help Shopify merchants recover lost customers. The current standard industry practice is to send an auto-email offering some discount, or reminding the customer they left items in their cart. Unfortunately that only leads to about 10% recovery rates. It’s a well known fact that customers who reach checkout, and leave without paying, are highly intent leads. They are the lowest hanging fruit possible. So why do we settle for 10% recovery? Because there was no other option.

Enter Scout. Scout lets you know right away when someone abandons their cart, so you can call them or email them ASAP when the time is most ripe. In my case, my store hit a whopping 55% recovery rate over the first 17 days of me using Scout. And here is the evidence. Below you will see the last month or so of my abandoned carts. After starting Scout on Oct 9th, I had 31 dropped carts. However, I was able to recover 17 of them, recovering approximately $2,088.34 in revenue. That’s $123 per day for just a few minutes of work. Below you will see evidence of this…

This is the cart recovery details of
In total there were 31 abandon carts that occurred, 17 of which were recovered. This resulted in $2088.34 revenue over the course of 17 days.

The purple line represents the date on which I started tested Scout on my own store. I have highlighted my name twice to show that was a test and to remove it from the sample size. The letters and circles around some of the name represent recoveries through a new cart the customer initiated. You can following along in the following posts…

Page 1
Page 2 (each letter corresponds to the abandoned cart in the first screenshot)

I write this email to show the importance of calling up recently dropped customers. Personally, I thought it was too cumbersome to always be checking my Shopify CRM for new abandons; I found I would be contacting leads too late and they would turn cold. After creating Scout, I would be calling and offering my help within 15 minutes of an abandonment. Customers have always been receptive. In one case, I called a customer right away to find they were searching for a lower price on Amazon. They told me they were on Amazon, I offered a better price with better customer service and they converted with my store (nothing frustrates a marketing more than spending money on traffic, only to find the lead ends up converting with a competitor).

What’s even better than the additional revenue, is the fact that merchants now have an excuse to call their customer and have a conversation. Many merchants are scared to do this because of the negative sentiment cold calling call centers produce. But with Scout plus your Shopify store, that’s different.

  • You’re calling them at the best possible time because they were just on your site a few minutes ago
  • They are speaking with the business owner, or a core team member, not a faceless drone trying to make a sale
  • You’re legitimately interested in solving their problem and getting feedback; wanting to see your business from your customers’ eyes
  • If you have a niche product, that’s even better because niche products always generate the most doubt/curiosity from the customer’s perspective
  • Customers want to give their business to people they can trust

I would invite you to try Scout. All you need to do is like the Facebook page, and send us a message. Scout will reply to you with the first step in getting started. We’re currently in beta testing phase and offering the service free of charge as we build out more functionality — I’d love to get your feedback on the tool once you’ve used it.

Scout means “to listen”, and our aim is to build a bot that is always listening for relevant information about your business, and letting you know about it at the right possible time.