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Nici Ma
Jun 20, 2018 · 7 min read

When it comes to Targeting, there are few better locations than social media these days because most companies seem to have their target market just waiting to be approached. In addition to the availability of customers, it also seems that more people are now making purchasing decisions online too.

In 2018, we saw a huge trend towards targeting on social media and we don’t see how this will possibly slow down in the months ahead. If you want to reach out to your market and progress within the niche this year, targeting will be the way forward. However, how do you get started? Sure, going it alone might be an option but this means you’ll need to research what to do, invest time in putting a plan into action, and then keep adjusting your approach after seeing what does and doesn’t work. As a result, there are two services who can help and we’re going to compare them today.

Known as Trapica and Albert ai, competitors in the marketing AI industry, they both claim to have the best tools to help but which should you choose? By the end of this comparison guide, we hope you’ll have all the information required to make a decision.

Albert ai

Having launched in 2010, Albert claims to be the world’s first AI marketing platform to be used by businesses. According to the company themselves, they want to alleviate the pressures placed on companies when it comes to marketing. Not only do they want to replace your existing efforts, but also reach a speed and scale not possible when done manually.

Given a human name, this is a nice touch from the company as Albert quickly becomes another member of the team. However, this member is more intelligent than every other as he can filter through large amounts of data before then making the appropriate assessments and acting on the findings.

Overall, Albert is certainly a strong player within the market and has been in advertising for some time. However, they only recently made the jump across to social media and everything this world contains. With experience in the market as a whole, they’ve quickly made this venture successful.

Targeting — Coming back to the theme of our guide here today, one of the main features of Albert is the ability to use targeting effectively. After assessing your target audience, the program actually works using Facebook tools to create lookalikes. Once these have been updated into the many campaigns, the lookalike audience can be used to target the real audience thus leading to results.

Cross-Channel — Next up, the campaigns can be tested across a variety of channels and this is important. Rather than working on just one, this cross-channel approach allows for a more efficient refinement process and your results should improve over time as a result.

Creative — For the various creatives available, Albert will run A/B testing so you can see the difference and what it means for your advertising campaign. If it works, the change can be made and you should see a positive impact. If it doesn’t work, Albert will revert and continue on the path of progress looking for ways of improving the campaign.

Analytics — Finally, just like any good social media targeting service, Albert constantly assesses analytics and insights to decide on the best ways of moving forward. From A/B testing, thousands of variables can be reviewed along with keyword analysis, historical data, budget allocation, touch point effectivity, site analytics, real-time attribution, and patterns in the way consumers act. With this, you can be sure that you’re always making progress, lets now compare it to Albert’s AI competitors.

All things considered, Albert is a superb option for businesses of all sizes. But, does it compare with Trapica? Let’s take a look at Albert AI competitor.


According to Entrepreneur magazine, Trapica is one of the most promising startups for 2018 and we wouldn’t like to disagree. At first, it looks like more of the same as what we’ve already seen with Albert. Then, you look a little closer and see they actually use different solutions and processes. When it comes to targeting, there’s no area where this is more noticeable.

As mentioned previously, Albert will use Facebook and other social media websites to create a lookalike audience. As an agency-type offering, Albert will cover various aspects of the marketing process for up to 20% of your budget and between 20 to 30 setup days. On the other hand, Trapica is completely different because they’re an execution platform.

Using real-time conversions within your campaign, Trapica’s AI learns your audience to then build real time profiles for this audience.Trapica’s Artificial intelligence aim is to understand what it is that makes a customer of the business…a customer of the business.

What does this mean? Ultimately, it means that interests and internet behavior is always being assessed in order to always target the right type of people for the brand in question. At every single moment, you can be confident that your campaign is reaching out to people who may have an interest in the business and this prevents wasting both time and money targeting a broader market and hoping something will stick.

As we’ve seen, Albert will require up to 20% of your marketing budget to remain efficient. With Trapica, this figure is thought to be a maximum of 4% and Zero Intergration time. Although the same in principle, an automated AI, Trapica uses very different methods to Albert and the proof is in the numbers.

Autonomous Marketing — If we delve into the features just as we did with Albert, the first, and perhaps most important, would be the autonomous marketing. Rather than doing everything manually and having to assess large chunks of data, Trapica will autonomously manage the campaign and this includes both updating and changing important aspects whenever required. Based on real-time events, your social media campaigns will always be in great condition.

Bidding — While on the theme of autonomous services, Trapica will bid on your behalf according to your constantly-changing aims. Since you’re always getting closer to finding the ‘perfect’ target market, the bidding process will only become more efficient as time goes on.

Creative A/B Testing — These days, A/B testing is imperative because it allows Trapica to adjust the creatives so you’re always reaching out to the right audience in the right way. Although Trapica can’t ever create brand-new creatives, it can use your selection of creatives and test which is best for each audience.

Trapica’s Scale — In addition to this, Trapica will also assess the intensity of your campaign to see if more can be done to achieve better results. For example, there may be an opportunity to scale the campaign and it’ll request your acceptance if it feels the conversion cost will be worth it. As you can imagine, this is a great feature because it could help you to move into new markets or extensions of markets when the time is right.

Prediction — Finally, we should also mention the prediction feature which is one of the newest. Essentially, it’s based around learning your audience before then extending it as much as possible. By learning the behavior and patterns of your existing audience, the system can use this information to find more people who will have the same interest in a product/service.

Why is this feature so beneficial? While all your competitors are standing still or marketing to the same audience, Trapica allows a business to become proactive in their approach. Rather than hoping your advertising will reach people, Trapica finds those who are likely to have some form of interest in the business and this is a huge advantage to have in your arsenal.


All things considered, there’s no doubting the ability of either platform. On the face of it, they’re two of the best options in the market and you’re likely to see some degree of success with both. For us, we just believe that Trapica is in a league of its own in terms of features, the effectiveness of features, and the way in which they’re always improving their service.

In 2019, targeting will only grow in importance and Trapica can help you to get a head start over the competition. As long as you have this companion by your side, you’ll have the best chance of success in what would be considered a difficult market for all!

Other useful Platforms :

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Nici Ma

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Nici Ma

Retail Marketing Growth Hack times

Online retailers rely on marketing, learn everything you need to know to scale and increase ROI

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