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The first sale of beautiful tokens

We are happy to announce our first-ever sale of beautiful tokens for project. The sale is supported by OpenSea marketplace.

Beautiful tokens are those with nice ids. (As token id is used in a site URL construction, it makes sense to have it nice.)

Tokens with ids from 1000 and up are available for purchase on the project site. Tokens which shorter than four digits are considered collectibles.

This time ten beautiful 3-digit long tokens are available for purchase:

  • Token 100
  • Token 101
  • Token 110
  • Token 111
  • Token 143
  • Token 333
  • Token 420
  • Token 666
  • Token 911
  • Token 999

The sale will last until the 10th of April.

If interested, please visit the sale’s page in OpenSea marketplace:



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