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Why Bad Salon Reviews Don’t Have to be … Well, Bad.

So, you’ve opened your salon, business is booming and you’re getting a regular stream of happy customers. You and your team have worked blood, sweat, and tears (too many) to deliver outstanding customer service each and every time.

But then, the inevitable happens.

😱 What to do?

Firstly, breathe. Have a cup of coffee. Or a gin. Under no circumstances jump online to reply immediately. You may be angry. You may be upset. You may feel it is completely unwarranted. Maybe you clearly remember the customer and their appointment, and it’s a completely different recollection from the version of events you’ve just read.

It’s ok. It’s all going to be ok.

Just don’t start rage typing. We’re professionals. We’ve got this.

😅 Here’s what to do:

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