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Rethink Convenience Newsletter: 7th March 2021

This week: the latest eco calendar, red noses, and nature documentaries

Published this week

Sustainability Calendar — What’s Happening in March 2021:

Heritage railway versus the environment:

I think it’s time we ditched red noses


  1. Change your food: Think about where your food comes from, and what may have been lost to grow or produce it. Eat less meat, and know where it has come from. Buy food locally where possible, as you’re likely to have a better understanding of its impact on the local environment.
  2. Consume less: Try to buy fewer things. Consuming less requires less to be shipped, which leads to less pollution and less disturbance of natural environments.
  3. Less palm oil: It may seem impossible to avoid, but be aware of what is in the products you’re buying. Avoid palm oil where you can. Look for the Certified Sustainable Palm Oil mark (or other accreditation) on products you do buy.

What I’ve consumed this week

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Kevin Jones

Maritime Sustainability Specialist. Editor of Rethink Convenience and author of the Live Circular newsletter