So, There’s Some Kind of Party Happening in Glasgow

My thoughts ahead of the upcoming COP26

This will be most written-about inter-governmental climate sleepover to date¹; if you were in any doubt that it’s make or break time, consider how many times you’ve heard “COP26" in the last few weeks and months. That alone should convey urgency and importance.

As such, I’m not planning on spending too much time on analysis or reporting of the conference. There are many better informed people doing this better than I could². Personally I’d recommend…

Exploring how we can live more sustainably and why we should. Focus on how the individual can make changes to their environmental impact, be informed and drive change.

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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Maritime Sustainability Specialist. Editor of Rethink Convenience, creator of the Sustainability Calendar, and author of the Live Circular newsletter

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