What We Are Looking For

Posted by Rethink Education

We are looking for educational technology companies that have the
potential to be transformative. We are looking for big ideas. We want to
improve the way people learn and the way they teach.

We are looking for companies with well-designed business models: business
models that are efficient, low-cost, scalable, and defensible against

We want entrepreneurs who are passionate about their projects.

We are looking for companies with validated, research-based approaches to
the problems they solve. Anyone talking about learning styles and
multiple intelligences urgently needs to read this book.

We admire simplicity, clarity, and elegance.

We believe in the Common Core.

We believe that the cost of college education must come down.

We believe in swift feedback. We believe that assessment should drive
pedagogy, not conduct a post-mortem autopsy of it.

We believe that students should not spend their entire day sitting in rows
facing the front of the classroom. We believe in blended learning. We
believe in project-based learning.

We believe in the power of APIs and platforms. We believe in business
development and networks of partners.

We believe that it is not enough for a company to do something well: it
must strive continually to do that thing better. Every company we invest
in must commit to a data-driven process of continuous improvement of its