If you can tell their stories, you’ll change lives.

Something so simple. Yet, in a senior living environment, it’s incredibly complex.

A simple act so basic to our humanity.

All day long elders are telling stories and expressing themselves in fresh, vibrant ways to their peers and to team members. Their families — on the other hand- don’t get to experience that part of their lives.

You would think it would be easy. Just snap a photo and post it to Instagram. Right? That’s what we do with our kids, our pets, and everything else important to us. But, that just doesn’t work in senior living.

For instance, if you are supporting 75 elders and you have 80 team members on three shifts per day and over 400 family members, imagine the coordination to ensure the right photos or videos get to the right family members.

I was working toward designing a solution. Then, I met Clint Lee. He’s the co-founder and president of One Day.

It’s an app that solves this issue for senior living designers and operators.

Finding a practical way to share the stories of elders is essential.

In a nut-shell, team members can snap videos of elders telling their stories or experiencing life in creative ways. And, the videos are immediately sent to just the right family members without any special knowledge by team members.

Why is this so important to me?

There are lots of reasons. But, I’ll write two.

  1. It doesn’t matter how great your wellness programs are at your senior living community. If families don’t see and experience the wonder of their elders like you do, they will always believe they abandoned their family member rather than opened new doors for them.
  2. The elders with whom we work are rich — rich with wisdom, eye witness accounts, and stories as unique as thumbprints. One of the tragedies of the amazing gift of senior living has been to remove these stories from the wider community. One Day is a realistic answer to this dilema — weaving their stories into the fabric of our families and cities.
Every opportunity to connect the humanity of elder, family, and team changes lives.
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