Future of Humanity

“Through this answer we are addressing the desire to take refuge on our planet. The request of wanting to be a refugee in our planet, might sound like a joke, but that is not a funny thing. In fact, there are times when our planet, and not just our planet, but all other planets, will take refugees from other planets. There are countless planets all across this universe and universes. There are special times when it is needed and when it will be allowed for other beings, not just human beings but all beings, to take refuge here on Planet of Beauty and Harmony and other planets. However, there is a protocol that has to be fulfilled and the planet where the beings, including human beings, come from, has to be truly in great danger. Great danger through, for example the usage of very lethal weapons such as atomic energy bombs or it could be a biological weapon that has the capacity to exterminate a whole race.”

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“That is not the case with Planet Earth. We invite you to remain calm. The situation on Planet Earth might seem to have worsened, however it is the opposite. There is no need for anyone from Planet Earth to leave the planet, because there is a plan. There is a plan and it is being put in place. You need to know that the plans that divinity puts in place, have and can have, many variants. Along the way, when a plan is executed, things are not linear and things may not happen exactly as planned, however, there are countless options to get to what you call, the goal. The advancement of humanity is imperative and it is unstoppable and you really need to take count of how many people like you are coming forward, often enough wanting to transcend beyond duality, wanting to explore what is the full potential of their lives, the full potential of their souls. There are many more people worldwide that have the deep yearning and desire to grow and to better themselves. You have to keep in mind that the number of people that have held power on Earth for centuries and thousands of years, and their lineages, are diminishing. There are less and less people even that belong to these family lines and many of them are not really interested in perpetrating the evil and the low vibration that their lineages were charged to implant and to bring to Planet Earth.”

“One thing that is always really important to keep in mind and consider, is the power of the mind. The mind is an incredible instrument that you yourself, each and everyone on Earth, has to learn to manage. You have to learn and really understand and embrace the power of your mind. The so-called dark forces or dark entities that have plagued Earth, know very well how your mind works, so it is your responsibility to be in charge of your thoughts, for your thoughts are tools to create reality. Not just one reality, but many multiple realities, so if you are not conscious about how to use your mind to direct your thoughts and to really narrow your focus on a higher purpose and better outcome for the Earth, not just for yourself, but for the Earth and the whole of humanity, and you allow your thoughts to wander from A to B to C to Z and so on, and you do not have control over your mental powers, your mental capacity and you allow yourself to fall into doubt and fear and worry and more fear and more doubt and more worry, then you yourself are allowing your mental capacity to get all entangled, and that creates confusion. That brings you down. In a way, by being in state where your mind is blocked and not used properly, you are unconsciously participating in co-creating with that side, that you don’t like so much. You have to be very mindful. There is a wonderful practice upon Earth called mindfulness, so practice it. You have to really narrow your focus on that higher outcome, that is the plan for Earth. The plan for Mother Earth or Gaia is not going to happen just by itself, on its own. It requires the participation of her children.”

“To conclude that question: we are not taking refugees from Earth, because it is not necessary. There is a process of taking refugees on Planet of Beauty and Harmony and the process is real need. №1, there has to be total devastation of a planet. In the past there have been many planets where, because of war or because of some lack of equilibrium, a race was put in really true danger of extermination and then our spaceships, like the spaceships of other planets or motherships, will bring them here or to other planets, but that is not the case for Earth. In terms of reincarnation on our planet, we are moving to a higher sphere of existence. There are 33, in a total of 36 spheres of existence. The first 3 are the more basic spheres. On the highest spheres of existence, there is no physical body, there is no physical matter and we are preparing ourselves to move onto those spheres of no matter, so the chances to incarnate on the Planet of Beauty and Harmony when we are on these higher spheres of existence, won’t be real. Because on Earth the majority of people are moving onto the 5th dimension, which is a much higher sphere then the 3rd dimension where you are right now, it would take a quantum leap in consciousness to move from the 5th to the 8th or 9th sphere and there is an order that we cannot jump. We invite you to not be so preoccupied with incarnating on other planets, because you have to be focused on completing your incarnation on Earth. Don’t let your mind wander with those kind of ideas, because it takes your focus away. When the time is right and when the time is needed, when you have completed your process on Earth, then you can think of that option. Please don’t allow yourself to be distracted and we say this with all our love and we want to assure you, that you are safe on Earth. Don’t allow any fear to creep inside of you, don’t make yourself the prey of fear, for fear is the dawn to darkness. Just so that you know, beloved, you are safe and you are well!”

“We want to be a bit more specific about Planet Earth. In the previous section we mentioned how there are many variants and many options to a plan, when a plan is laid out for any planet, not just Earth, in the unfortunate event of interference from the dark side. There is always a chance that that can happen. In the case of Earth, Gaia was interfered with not just once, but many times. That is one of the reasons, why we and many others from other planets and galaxies and universes, are here to support you. When such interference takes place, we are called upon as a brotherhood and sisterhood, as a force of good, to support the assurance of the divine plan to take place on another planet. You can think of yourself as being part of a league of peace and we support you, and that is why we have come forward to communicate with you. The plan of poor Gaia has been interfered with far too long. There has been quite a long time of interference and as we mentioned before in other sessions, the beings that came from this low vibration point in the universe knew that they were not allowed to interfere and to implant a certain set of programming in the human mind, that got humans very stuck. However, that is a fact and as you say, the damage was done, but you were not left alone to drift away with these dark beings.”

“You have to learn to forgive the level of ignorance and density of these beings. You have to learn to forgive and to let go and to be free of that animosity towards that dark side, because they do also do fulfil a purpose. Remember, there is nothing that exists in the universes that does not have a purpose. Everything requires purpose, otherwise it would not exist. So do you look at these invasions as something that was really bad and should never have happened and do you allow yourself to go into a judging mode, how did they dare to interfere with our process, how dare them, they are so bad, they should never do that, why did they have to do that to us? If you allow yourself to be in that mode, you will perpetrate the presence of density and distortions on Earth. You can think of yourself as the carrier of information and the carrier of hope to make this better, to transform and you are. So, do not despair, do not be discouraged because of what happened in the past. Do not dwell so much in the past and make sure you are tuning in with the divine plan within yourself, because there is a divine plan embedded in each and everyone of you, all human beings, as well as a collective divine plan. If you get lost in anger, judgment, suffering, disappointment and so on, how can you yourself activate your divine plan and the collective divine plan? That’s why we ask you, don’t be fooled by what is presented to you as truth. You have to truly use the power of discernment and surround yourself with people that want to do good things, surround yourself with high vibration, positivity. Do not allow naysayers to bring you down. The plan for Earth is to move onto the 5th dimension and there are realities that are being created by each of you, not just yourself, but each and every human being that is incarnated on Earth right now. Remember, that each and everyone of you is responsible for how things play out in your life and also in the collective. Earth is going through a process of choosing and this is a free choice that everyone of you is making right now, whether you are conscious or not conscious.”

“There are two realities planned for Earth. There is a group of human beings that still requires to exist in the 3rd dimension. For these beings that still require the mastery of the 3rd dimension, there is a space for them to continue doing that and for those of you, who are ready to take the next step onto the 5th dimension, there is also the space for you to move forward into the 5th dimension. The 4th dimension of existence is very ethereal and that is the reason why you can jump from the 3rd dimension of physicality onto a physical 5th dimension, however, it is a dimension of high resonance,. If you are planning to move onto that 5th dimension, you have to align yourself fully and completely to that higher vibration of that 5th dimension and you do it on all levels of existence, of being. You do it at the physical level, etheric level, mental level, emotional level, so you have to recalibrate yourself moment by moment. Many of you are preoccupied about when this moment of moving to the 5th dimension is going to happen. Nobody knows, because the knowing of when it is going to happen is not up to any of us to have. We invite you to think about this: what would you do, if you knew the exact time, the exact date? Would that make a difference? Or, would that lead you to panic or would it lead you to worry more? It is the same for us. We are preparing ourselves to move onto a higher dimension, a higher sphere. We know it is going to happen. We don’t need to know exactly when it is going to happen.”

“We want you to know, that the way we move from dimension to dimension, happens spontaneously. Please hear that word: spontaneously. How do you deal with that, how do you deal with spontaneity? Please take a moment to ponder upon this. That moment can happen just like that, like the flick of a finger. Remember, in the divine plan, the higher plan, no-one is left behind. Keep that in mind please. You will not be left behind, no-one will be left behind. Say, someone was meant to move onto the 5th dimensions of existence, but was a person that did not really care much about it and was not responsible about managing himself or herself mentally, emotionally, etherically, physically. When this person is in the know already, but he or she neglected the process and the preparation to take the jump, then this person will not be able to take the jump, simply because he or she is not prepared. But even this person, human being, will not be left behind. Still this person will be taken care of. And that is neither good nor bad, because this is not a race, this is not a competition. Who says, you have to do it right now? Please check your ego, please check that structure! Please always check that structure, because it is so tricky and it can tell you so many lies. Would you be a bad person, if you did not prepare yourself well? That is judgment and judgment bursts from ego. Please be mindful, that is the best thing you can do, being mindful. We observe that many people are anxious about this shift. Anxious in the true sense of anxiety. Oh, am I going to make it, when is it going to happen, why don’t I know when it is going to happen? You don’t need to know. Just be prepared.”

“That is all that you can do and we can say this from our experience. Every time a shift from dimension to dimension happens, it happens spontaneously, so we were trained to be prepared, and that is what we are doing with you, we are training you. That is the only thing that you can do. Be prepared, be aligned, tune yourself, recalibrate yourself. If you want to part of this 5th dimension right now, in this current moment, behave as if you are already there, think as if you are already there, feel as if you are already there, take care of your physical body as if you are already there. Just do that, and that is already enough. You do not need anything else. You do not need to do rituals and burn things, you do not need to read cards, or anything like that. Prepare yourself, beloved and trust yourself!”




This information is a gift from our brothers and sisters on the Planet of Beauty and Harmony. Getting an outside perspective on Earth and mankind’s struggles, gives us both deep insight and a clear message: There is hope for humanity.

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