#BigParentingIdea — A Career Advice You Probably Won’t Hear From Your Parents

Parents usually tell their children “Here‘s the map. Take it, so that you won’t get lost in this world.”

They either don’t trust in their children’s ability to find their own way of doing things, or they don’t believe there is another way of doing things in this world (because theirs is the only reality of the world they know).

That’s why an advice like the one that follows is as rare among parents as Hainan Gibbons are on our planet, yet it is the one that’s most valuable.

This might not work.
I can only illustrate what I’ve learned and what I’ve seen others do to achieve their goals. It’s not enough to use these lessons to guide your work, though.
There might be a lesson (or two) in how I’ve been living my life so far, for sure, but I can’t stress enough that you need to experiment for yourself and forge your own path.
Doing the exact opposite of everything I did could actually be what creates the most meaning in your life and work.
We don’t know the consequences of our choices until those consequences become the present or the past.
No one can tell you with any certainty that following specific steps will lead you to success. Besides, what success is anyway? You should be able to define it for yourself.
If someone claims to have a one-size-fits-all solution, run screaming in the other direction.
The world is full of “proven tips and tricks.” Everyone’s a teacher, guru, expert, or has an online course for you to follow.
These experts (all parents included) mostly have good intentions, but they’re wrong — not because the information they provide isn’t sound, but because they’re telling their stories, and sharing what worked for them and why.
But none of us advice-givers know what’s possible for you. We can offer insight, sure, but that’s about it.
Best advice? Screw advice and listen to yourself. Trust in your journey and learn as much as possible through first-hand experiments. There’s more than one way to reach your goals, and you probably won’t even know you’re on the right path until you’re looking back at it.

The advice I used in this post is paraphrased from Paul Jarvis’ book Everything I Know.

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