#BigParentingIdea — Complaining About The Educational System (Its Changes) Is Futile… And A Disservice To Our Kids

No one can guarantee us that every change will be for the better.

Besides who should determine if the change is or isn’t for the better? The government? Parents? Teachers? Pundits? Thought leaders?

There will always be someone who will argue that the change was for the better (or that at least it was meant to be that way). Who? The proponents of that reform.

We all want a change of the educational system. But what if the change isn’t the one we were hoping and waiting for? What if the change is about to turn everything on its head in a bad way?

What if this unfortunate change happens NOW, in front of our eyes? What if it touches the people closest to us — our kids?

The fact of the matter is that most of us will be unable to stop the change or stop the time hoping that better times will come and with them better educational system.

What can average people, like me and you, do in such situation? Nothing.

As much as I would want that to happen I will not stop the new law which was passed by the government from entering into force. Million parents may manifest their discontent but that’s about it.

Sure, we can put the government that authorised this reform out of power but by the time we will proudly announce that we did so and be able to exchange high-fives for achieving our goal our kids might have finished that school.

And sure, many children after that will be given a chance to go to school under a better system. But as much as we wish that to happen, our kids will not go back and start school again only because now we can pride ourselves on having a reasonable system. Most would view such move as unreasonable.

No, we can’t do much about the current (or the newly introduced) educational system hoping that our children will benefit from our interference. Why? Because, due to the inevitability of change, we cannot be certain what that system will look like when our kids will start schools. Until it happens we can’t say which laws will determine our kids’ educational path. So in most cases possible remedies (if at all successful) will be late at least a few years.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to replace any current laws/ systems with better ones. We should always strive for that. The only problem that will remain always is in the question ‘who should determine which system is better?’.

There is something we can do though. And it is something that will have much greater implications for our children’s lives irrespectively of the system they were schooled under.

We can stop fretting and complaining (to ourselves and our kids) about the current educational system, or the one that is about to enter into force for that matter. Complaining adds zero value.

Instead, we should strive for doing our best with what we have. By no means am I suggesting we should embrace the status quo in all life’s situations. We should embrace the status quo that can’t be changed at all (like gravity — in our daily life), or that can’t be changed fast enough for us to reap the reward (like the educational system). In such cases we should learn to play whatever the hand life dealt us and teach our kids to do so, too.

Most of the time the circumstances in our lives will not be perfect. If we decide to wait for perfect conditions or time we will never start anything. We can try to change them, wait a little bit, or (if the change is unlikely to happen) play the hand that life dealt us as best as we can.

Oh wait, I almost forgot. We can also complain about the circumstances, become angry, grumpy, and say to ourselves that this very reform/ system will ruin our children’s future. That’s always a very convenient option. And a lie.

Sure, it would be nice to have a reasonable educational system that will best prepare young people for new conditions. But what if our kids missed that boat? What if we (they) aren’t lucky enough to have such system precisely when it’s needed? What if their timing wasn’t perfect? Are they automatically doomed?

School lasts a couple of years and by no means we can say all this time is being wasted. Sure, some of it is being wasted (no doubt about it) but not all of it. Even if the educational system isn’t well adjusted it nevertheless teaches young people basic stuff, like writing, reading, calculus, languages, etc. Of course, it could be doing so much more. But in every life’s situation we can say that things could have been better. They can always be better.

The most important thing however is that our lives are in our hands. People who embrace this fundamental rule manage to escape regimes — they will even flee from countries like North Korea. People who fail to embrace this rule (because no one modelled it for them) will always find something or someone they can blame for their circumstances.

If bad educational system happened so what? It’s still only a couple of years out of, how many, 80, 90 or even 100 years today? It would matter a whole lot more if people lived as much as 30 or 40 years as it once was, but today?

Today saying that educational system ruined your life is a lie we like to tell ourselves.

If we teach our children to complain about the circumstances (and that’s exactly what we do by fretting about the current educational system) instead of playing the hand that life dealt them as best as they can, they will grow up to be next generation of complainers.

And complainers never amount to anything. They’re too busy complaining/ blaming/ bashing and wishing life had dealt them a better hand.

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