#BigParentingIdea — Every Day Counts

Every day I try to gain a little bit more awareness. Through mindfulness and reading.

Every day I strive to learn something new. About the world, human nature and myself.

Every day I strive to be a leader. Do the challenging things others don’t.

Every day I show up and do the work. With love and gratitude.

Every day I do something only I can and share my passion. My writing, my art.

Every day I smile and stay positive. My biggest assets.

Every day I wipe out the negative narrative about the world around me. Because I believe it’s the best way to live.

Every day I believe. In our ability to figure things out and adapt.

Every day I question the status quo. It’s the only way we can move forward.

Every day I want to make it count. I guess that’s what we all are supposed to do.

The things I do every day make me the kind of a role model my son gets to see every day.

Every day counts.

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