#BigParentingIdea — It’s Not About Numbers

“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”

- Charles Kettering

If people have always done it that way it is probably wrong.

If you copy what your parents/ grandparents did it is probably wrong.

If you mindlessly follow the flock of all the parents in your social circle it is probably wrong.

30, 60 or 100 people can be wrong. Thousands or millions of people can be wrong. Think World War II. Heck, even billions of people can be wrong. Think bad habits.

It’s not about numbers/ how many parents you know who do it.

It’s about the awareness, and the willingness and the guts to do things differently/ to question the way we parent.

People rarely ask fundamental questions, let alone go against the current. Why? Because it’s freaking hard!

It’s easy to follow the flock and do what others are doing. But do they know what they’re doing?

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