#BigParentingIdea — It’s Very Much About Filtering Out The Crap

Your child doesn’t need a parent with a college degree.

Have one? Fine. Don’t have one? Fine too.

Being a parent is not about having a college degree.

Your child doesn’t need a well educated parent.

Do you have a PhD or other cool title? Fine. Are you a street sweeper? Fine too.

Being a parent is not about being well educated.

Your child doesn’t need a wealthy parent.

Can you afford to buy everything? Fine. Do you barely make ends meet? Fine too.

Being a parent is not about having a lot of money.

Your child doesn’t need a perfect parent.

You’re not a perfect parent. Nobody is. And you know what? That’s fine too.

Being a parent is not about being perfect.

What matters is your self-awareness, thoughtfulness, ability to ask some pretty darn good questions and question the status quo and the rules about being a parent as often as possible.

There is so much parenting crap out there (all the myths, stereotypes, cliches, rules about being a parent / or a good parent), most of which gets passed on (from one generation of parents to the next or within the same generation), that if you don’t have a good filter that you can use to filter out this crap, you will mindlessly copy the behaviour of your parents, grandparents or peers. And it will happen whether or not you have your college degree/ PhD/ or dollars.

And don’t tell me you need a college degree/ titles/ wealth to be able to do that. Because that simply isn’t true.

I know people with college degrees/ all sorts of cool titles and wealth who never do it. And I know examples of poor people who are (were) very self-aware and thoughtful.

As always, you either find a way or an excuse.

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