#BigParentingIdea — One Great Role Model Is All It Takes (And Why I Will Never Give Up On Myself)

The moment I saw this video I knew I had to share it with you.

Stories like this of Casey Neistat’s Nana inspire people. They show us that we can really love life and enjoy every second of it.

The problem however is that on our paths we inevitably meet more people who constantly complain, are unhappy with their lives and tell themselves and others that they can’t do anything about it.

We get to hear countless accounts how various external factors prevented people from having the life they always wanted.

How their fate in life was sealed in their teenage years when their parents didn’t offer them support.

How the fact that they couldn’t afford to go to college, or that they were rejected, ruined their lives.

How the fact that their parents kicked them out of their house is the reason their lives suck.

How the fact that they had a child meant they couldn’t X, Y or Z.

How the time just wasn’t right for X, Y or Z, you know.

Those are the stories we will hear at scale.

The good news is that one great role model, one story of somebody who didn’t give up on himself, one account of a life well lived can change the trajectory of our kids’ lives.

I laugh when I hear people who fool themselves that they will be able to secure a better life for their children by saving up a few bucks for them. Oftentimes they sacrifice their lives to save up those few bucks. They won’t quit the job they hate, they won’t make changes in their lives, they won’t do anything courageous.

If there’s something we as parents should leave our children with it is the memory of a life well lived, not of a life of wishing things were different.

The quality of our lives is the ultimate legacy we leave to our children. That’s something we should never forget. Most of the stuff they learn they learn from people who are closest to them. Everything else (things they’ll see on the internet or in the movies) won’t convey the message the way we can convey it.

Watch Casey’s video about his Nana (it’s only 4 min 6 sec).

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