#BigParentingIdea — Stop Telling Your Kid That ‘World Is Just The Way It Is’

You can fool yourself.

But you should not, SHOULD NOT!, fool your kid.

You tell yourself you can’t quit that job you hate. But is there somebody who forces you to stay?

You tell yourself you have all those bills to pay. But who the hell generates those bills?

You tell yourself you can’t find the time. But who’s the master of your time?

You tell yourself you didn’t have a choice. But who’s responsible for not noticing other options?

So what’s the truth?

You don’t want to leave your comfort zone.

You don’t want to scale back. You’re not even considering it.

You think you have to give all your time to others and you’re left with nothing.

You don’t see other options because you lack awareness.

You tell yourself you shouldn’t have done this or that or that you should have turned left when you turned right.

You like to believe that there is always something or someone standing in your way.

It’s convenient to tell yourself why you can’t do something. How you don’t have options or can’t do anything about it.

It’s way harder and much scarier to try to change things.

We can always change whatever it is that we don’t like about our lives.

Will it be challenging? Of course it will. All real changes are challenging. Otherwise they’re not changes.

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