#BigParentingIdea — The Kids Are Out Of The House

I think it’s important taht parents understand that when they’re 40, 50, or even 60 years old they can still try this idea that they always wanted to try / take this trip they always wanted to take / write this book they always wanted to write / pursue this project that they’re sitting on for a long time / join this startup that they’re passionate about / make this change that could make a huge difference in their lives.

You still have much time which you can use to do those things in your life!

Parents often say “Now is the time for our children to take over the world.” and they simply give up on themselves. But that’s an easy thing to do and having children so often becomes this perfect excuse for people. Suddenly they can’t do this or that or have the kind of life they always wanted.

And you know what’s best about this excuse? Everybody gets it! Other people who also use this excuse will sympathize with you and tell you that you did the right thing sacrificing your life for your child.

But you know what? More often than not it’s a poor excuse we label ‘sacrifice’ so that we can feel good about ourselves. Because the fact is you wanted the easy, conventional path and this stable job. You didn’t want to take risks.

Your child didn’t ask for any sacrifices and she would also have been fine if you hadn’t given up on yourself. As a mater of fact I think she even could have been better off having a parent who doesn’t make excuses.

You told yourself that it’s too late, that now the only person who matters is your child and only her dreams can still be realized.

And what’s even worse, you believed that it’s true!

So stop making those excuses and start living the life you want! It’s not too late and for many of you the kids are out of the house.

Have 6 minutes? Watch this great message by Gary Vaynerchuk on this topic.

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