#BigParentingIdea — The Power Of Our Words

The following advice comes from Tony Robbins and was found by me in his transformational book Awaken The Giant Within.

How do you habitually communicate with your kids?
Often we don’t realize the power our words have on them.
Children, as well as adults, tend to take things personally, and we need to be sensitized to the possible ramifications of thoughtless remarks.
Instead of continually blurting out impatiently, “You’re so stupid!” or “You’re so clumsy!” — pattern that can in some cases powerfully undermine a child’s sense of self-worth — break your own pattern by saying something like “I’m getting a little bit peeved with your behavior; come over here and let’s talk about this.”
Not only does this break the pattern, allowing both of you to access a better state to intelligently communicate your feelings and desires, but it also sends the child the message that the challenge is not with them as a person but with their behavior — something that can be changed.
This can build the foundation for more powerful and positive communication between two people — and have a more powerful, positive impact on your kids.
The key in any of these situations is to be able to break your pattern; otherwise, in your unresourceful state, you may say things you’ll regret later.

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