#BigParentingIdea — The Six Missing Words (That Convey The Most Important Message To Your Kid)

Oh, c’mon! Don’t compare yourself to her. She is Beyonce.

You are not him or her/ this or that.

Don’t compare yourself to them, they’re the smartest people on Earth!

You will never be him/ her.

True, we will never be somebody else.

I will never be Seth Godin, ever. My son will never be Messi, ever.

But he and I can be great, too.

He and I can work each day toward becoming the best versions of ourselves. Best at our crafts.

It’s enough that we go all in on our strengths and accept our weaknesses. With unshaken belief in our abilities.

Joseph Schooling will never be Michael Phelps, ever. But he proved to the world that he can be great, too. He won gold over Michael Phelps during this year’s Olympics in Rio.

You are not this or that.

Don’t compare yourself to her, you’re not her.

You will never be her.

All of them are fine statements, but only if we add the following six words:

But you can be great, too.

Every time we fail to add them we kill our children’s will to achieve great things and thus huge potential is being flushed down the toilet.

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