#BigParentingIdea — What Is Even Worse Than Having A Plan For Your Kid’s Future?

Having a plan for your kid’s future (career, lifestyle) is not the worst, although it sucks.

Forcing your kid to accept this plan, or “hoping” that she will “opt for” it, because that’s what the whole family expects from her (or because you treated this kid as your investment) is not the worst, although it sucks even more.

Now, the second scenario REALLY sucks! It sucks so much that most of you probably think it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Trust me! It can. Parents can do “better”.

So what’s even worse than having a plan for your kid’s future and forcing this plan upon your kid (or “hoping” that she will go for it)?

Telling your kid that she should stick to one thing in her life. That’s the most dangerous idea. It will make change unthinkable, and hence any hope that she will be able to get herself out of something she hates will be gone.

Of course, it’s all well-meant.

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