#BigParentingIdea — What’s Sad About The Death Of A Parent

Isn’t it sad that most people only think what they will leave to their families after their death?

That it’s almost never about what they will leave in them.

Isn’t it sad that the last thing we get from those who pass away are the detailed instructions on how to distribute their assets among the family members?

Isn’t it sad that more often than not it’s the will, not a personal letter, or a poem, we get to read after the death of a parent?

Isn’t it sad that the prospect of someone dying, so often is being reduced to financial arrangements of all sorts?

Who deserves to be included, who doesn’t. Who and why deserves more, who less.

Isn’t it sad that we are not even surprised that the only written words we’ll find (the last message) are a bunch of instructions telling us what material possessions should go to what hands?

That we don’t find this tradition pitiful?

That it never occurs to us that we might appreciate a personal letter way more?

A few final thoughts, a message, a few words of wisdom, a thank you note, a regret or a longing, an expression of love, instead of a litany of legally valid orders inspired by bias, judgement, prejudice or hate?

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