#BigParentingIdea — When An Empty Nest Becomes A Problem?

You’re in your late 40s. Maybe even early 50s.

You sacrificed your career. You gave up on your dreams and plans.

You did it for your children.

You did it, because you thought it was the right thing to do.

It wasn’t absolutely necessary. They didn’t require your attention 24/7 365.

You did it because you chose to do it.

Now they’re gone and have lives of their own.

You, on the other hand, don’t.

They were your entire world.

You desperately want to stay in touch with them several times a week. Whether it’s you who call them, or they who call you.

But there is a catch. You’re not their entire world.

And you start to feel bad about this situation.

Don’t they realize how big of a sacrifice you made? What it means to give up on your dreams and plans? What it means not to have a life of your own?

This sudden aloofness is killing you. It wouldn’t be much of a problem for you, had you not given up on basically everything.

But you did. You did sacrifice all of it. And this aloofness is the last thing you want right now.

But it’s there. Giving you this awful slap on your face.

Right now you can’t go back and undo it.

Is it all lost for you? Your own life?

Can you still build it?

It’s not all lost, but it will be a hell of a feat to built it from scratch at this point in your life.

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