#BigParentingIdea — You Are Not Securing Your Child’s Future

You’re merely saving for a college education/ degree.

What strikes me is that parents still think that they can secure their kids future by saving up for their college.

What they don’t realize is that they’re not only fooling themselves, but also their children.

What kind of message do those parents send their children?

A college degree is the most important thing for your success in life.

If you want to build a career (and be somebody), you need a college degree. For everything. You can’t start anything in your life without spending several years in one of those institutions. So, assuming you would ever want to change your career, you should probably forget about it. #1/ you can’t afford it (you have kids, mortgage payments, etc., and your parents paid once and that’s enough), #2/ you don’t have time (you have kids, mortgage payments, etc.), and #3/ you are too old — people go to college when they’re in their late teenage years / early 20s.

You need to pick something “practical” in your late teenage years, because #1/ your parents savings are at stake, and #2/ you can’t let them down.

College degree (and your parents money) will set you for life. At least that’s what your parents tell you. And aren’t our parents always right? What if this time they’ll be wrong?

You owe them everything. They are the authors of your success. And you’d better not screw it up now.

Were it not for their money, you would be nobody in this world.

Without your parents’ money, and a lot of time to study in your early 20s, you can’t succeed in this world.

What it does, it cripples many people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

Your money for college can only pay for the college education / degree. It can never secure anyone’s life (set him / her for life).

It’s your adult child’s responsibility to secure the best future for himself/ herself, and only he/ she will be able do it.

You can’t. You just can’t. So please understand that and stop telling your child that you want to secure his/ her future.

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