Meetup for People Interested in Strategic Theory?

UPDATE: A “soft rollout” version of my idea can be seen here. I plan to do a special entry for the formal rollout on Tuesday once spelling/grammar issues are cleaned up. Got enough interest to want to go through with it.

UPDATE 2: The group is up. Links to full info, details here.

I am a fan of Papers We Love, a group of people interested in collectively reading and discussing papers in computer science. I got the idea today of potentially making a meetup for people in the Washington, DC area interested in discussing strategic theory. As in, we would read important papers in strategic theory and discuss them, and there might be presentations on those papers along the lines of stuff like this — albeit things such as particular ideas in strategic theory or historical studies of strategy rather than the technical stuff that Papers We Love does. In other words, “Papers We Love, but for strategic theory instead of computer science.” If I put this together, how many people would be interested in participating?