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Imagine trying to take a warm shower — but you can’t. Trying to stay keep your home below 90 degrees — but you can’t. Trying to turn on your lights — but you can’t. For our neighbors living in Energy Poverty these are realities that they can face at a moment’s notice. Dealing with energy insecurity puts greatest risk on already vulnerable populations such as, minorities, renters, and those living in older housing stock.

That brings us here.

The epidemic of energy poverty, or where a person spends upwards of 20 percent of their income on energy.

Spending too much on energy costs like heating and electricity, is only getting worse. Compounded by economic and social inequality, energy poverty imposes serious health, financial, and emotional burdens on millions of Americans. That is what we are working hard to change.

Chances are you have not heard of RETI — The Renewable Energy Transition Initiative — or Energy Poverty for that matter, so we’ll start with the basics. Energy poverty is defined as a person or family spending more than 10 percent of their income on energy costs. This issue is at the heart of our organization. It is a burden that we work to sustainably eliminate using the ideals of energy transition: creating stable economies by means of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development.

But let’s go beyond the jargon. Our goal is to increase insights and spark conversation. To inspire communities to venture into the intersect of environmental and social justice, exploring equity along the way.

We will be curating stories from around the United States (and world) to showcase energy poverty, its impacts, and heroes working to address these injustices. We understand that time is valuable and thank you for each second you spend on our page.

This is a hybrid publication of sorts. Yes, we are a nonprofit organization and a variety of things traditionally found in newsletters will be hosted here: things like our upcoming workshops and event recaps, or highlighting community partners and initiatives. However, you’ll also find deeply engaging stories from around the United States, stories where we aren’t even mentioned once. Our mission is to eradicate energy poverty and the first step is to build awareness and make real connections.

So, thank you for your time. Comment, share and let’s keep the conversation going. If there is anything you would like to read or get explained please reach out. This is as much your journey as it is ours.

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RETI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working in the Southeast. Visit our website to learn more.