Compare and Contrast — Income Riders & Annuity Resource

Below you will find some of the better articles about annuity income riders and variable annuities.

Author(s) Article Publication Date Bauer, Kling and Russ A universal pricing framework for guaranteed minimum benefits in variable annuities ASTIN Bulletin 2008 Benartzi & Thaler Annuitization puzzles Journal of Economic Perspectives 2011 Blanchett Optimal portfolio allocations with GMWB annuities Journal of Financial Planning 2012 Blanchett Low Bond Yields and Efficient Retirement Income Portfolios The Journal of Retirement 2013 Chang, DeJong, Liu, and Robinson The Cost of Guaranteed Income: Demystifying the Value Proposition of Variable Annuities with GLWB Riders Retirement Management Journal 2014 Kitces & Pfau The True Impact of Immediate Annuities on Retirement Sustainability: A Total Wealth Perspective Retirement Management Journal 2014 Dai, Kwok, & Zong Guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits in variable annuities Mathematical Finance 2008 Huang Grove & Taylor The Efficient Income Frontier: A Product Allocation Framework for Retirement Retirement Management Journal 2012 Milevsky & Kyrychenko Portfolio choice with puts: Evidence from variable annuities Financial Analysts Journal 2008 Robinson A context for considering variable annuities with contemporary living benefit riders Journal of Financial Planning 2008 Steinorth & Mitchell Valuing variable annuities with guaranteed minimum lifetime withdrawal benefits Pension Research Council 2012 Xion, Idzorek and Chen Allocation to deferred variable annuities with GMWB for life Journal of Financial Planning 2010

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