Inspiration that breaks creative barriers

Perfection erases humanity
-Casey Neistat-

I arrived at my house around 6:30 pm. Just like any other day, my brother and I sat down to watch Casey Neistat vlog. About 30 seconds in I couldn't keep on watching. He announced that tomorrow, that is today, as it is the vlog that he recorded yesteday, he was flying to Mexico City and that he was doing a talk at the OFFF Festival.

Yep! I freaked the FUCK out!

I put my shoes on. Took my celphone, my money and ran out of the door trying to get tickets. It’s a chance I can’t loose. I mean it’s Casey FUCKING Neistat!

I had talked about him before. But given the unexpected circumstances, I feel it’s a good idea to talk about him again.

Once in a while you found someone that changes the way you see things. Either you meet that person face to face or through the pages of a book, screened on a movie theatre or, in the case of Casey Neistat, on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, HBO and now, Beme.

Casey Neistat arrived to change everything I thought about making movies.

Almost every filmmaker will tell you that what’s important is not the camera you use, it’s the photographer behind it. It’s not what kind of software you use, but the person sitting in front of the computer that matters. That what is really matters is the story you tell. And I belive them. I am completely sure of that, but something wasn't completely right. Everyone that said that had an amazing technical quality. The best cameras available and the best software.

So you take their word, but somehow you feel odd. You still want to achieve the technical quality. Bad news, you are not going to. That quality cost a lot of money. And I mean a lot.

And then enters, Casey Neistat. And he says, that’s not important.

He tells you what you been thinking all along. Making movies is one of the most elitist kinds of art form. I didn't went to film school because it’s elitist. Having all the lighting equipment, a good camera and some lenses it’s extremely expensive. It’s getting cheaper I know, and that’s awesome. And because of that there are a lot of new alternatives.

Internet: film school

Iphone: movie cámera

YouTube: movie theater

I do not mean that I didn't knew about these alternatives. I did. And of course I used them. But I didn't believe they were good enough for making movies. Yeah, it’s fun for practice, but is not enough. I haven’t seen anything that made me think the other way.

And then enters, Casey Neistat.

He is the first one that can back it up. It’s not about the equipment you have. Not knowing something shouldn't keep you from doing anything. The biggest mistake in life is not doing something out of the fear of failure.

If he can make me connect with the idea of needing a brand new wallet, and keep my attention for 3 minutes while he gets one, I'm sold: that’s storytelling.

For the first time someone showed me, with facts, that what matter the most are the stories and the way you connect with others through them.

Over the last 2 years I felt intimidated to even pick up a camera and film something because I wasn't going to achieve the technical quality I was looking for.

Today, after absorbing all the work of Casey Neistat, I don’t feel that way. Finding him opened a door to a whole new world of YouTubers and true storytellers that follow that same theory: the stories are what matter and connecting with other people through them.

But above all, he gave me the confidence that, by doing things, just taking a camera and shooting, is the only way to make something that matters.

I love watching Casey’s firsts videos…

…and the jumping to his daily vlog. It’s amazing how he has evolved. And it’s even more amazing that he does it every day for the past 181 days. There is no one with the overall quality that Casey has.

I can watch, endlessly, his Nike advertising (and then feel frustrated because there are no more FUEL bands. That is how you sell a product. And the product isn't even in the video).

I watch Casey Neistat and I see Wes Anderson. I see Tarantino, Kubrik, the Coen brothers and all that on a daily vlog that is recorded in a day, edited that very same night and posted the very next morning. AMAZING! I can’t figure out how he does it. Well, I think I have a clue about how:


From “Do More”


vía Fastcompany

He is definitely one of the most creative and ground breaking YouTuber out there. Maybe now you can understand why I'm so excited to hear him talk tomorrow.

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