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The Announcement | Why, What & 2019 Resolutions

Update (May’19)

It’s been a helluva ride and a lot of learning. I realized that I will stick with 4 habits that I worked on all this while- waking up not so late, exercising, meditation, daily journal and reading.

I have stopped posting weekly blogs, I couldn’t get myself to write about what I did through the week partly due to laziness and partly due to not seeing any positive feedback from being publicly accountable. I will be maintaining a public sheet on how I am performing on my habits though. All the weekly blogs that I wrote can be accessed here.


No, I ain’t getting engaged!

From now on, I’ll be posting a weekly review of what I’ve been up to with an overview of how I fared on checkpoints on my daily/ weekly routine with respect to my 2019 goals.


Last couple of weeks have been insanely rewarding!

I successfully resisted the temptation of engaging in some self exploration (cum resume building) activity and took a proper break this winter vacation. I embarked on a couple of trips with friends and have been consuming some kickass content- books, podcasts, talks et al.

In such a relaxed state of mind, one is bound to draw parallels between what you’re consuming and what you’ve experienced. On retrospecting I realized that when I am consistently documenting, I am way more engaged with whatever I am doing and that’s when all the magic kicks in. Also, I found the single most important quantifiable virtue to be discipline.

I realized that documenting around these discipline goals could really help me bring out the best in myself so here we go!


Every Sunday, I will be posting a weekly review as mentioned above. Apart from that, I’ll be posting links and notes to interesting content I come across.

I have decided to make it public since even though nobody might read what I am writing, it is bound to inculcate a sense of accountability. I had tried documenting privately before, but I just couldn’t stick to it!

This is largely inspired from my tennis team captain from college, Shubhankar (check out the admirable streak of 100+ weeks of documentation and the kickass things he’s upto @

2019 Resolutions

This is going to be an incredibly exciting year for me! The first four months will mark the end of my stint with academia (pheww!) after which I’ll be (hopefully) working with shakers and movers making the world less sub-optimal through tech. :)

I have a firm belief that discipline and consistency over a few fundamental things dictate overall focus, productivity and positivity; thereby making everything else fall in place. The same reflects in my 2019 goals~

  1. Meditating everyday
  2. Daily Journal
  3. Wake up before 8 am, 6 days/ week
  4. 3 runs per week
  5. 4 half marathons
  6. Reading 10 pages/ day
  7. Keyboard practice 3.5 hours per week (it’s March 10, I’m dropping this off. Damn!)
  8. Programming challenges: 10 hours per week (changed to 1 problem/ day after Week 3 to allow myself to spend more time working on projects →it’s 27 Jan and I am cutting down on this entirely, I guess I better accept this failure and iterate to optimize my time fast)
  9. 2 Stanford GSB talks per week
  10. 3 Andreessen Horowitz talks per week


I believe done is better than perfect. Also, thinking of doing something important from the next day/ week/ month/ (insert your logical time frame) afterwards is a dangerous spiral. So instead of an accurately documented review from next week on, I’d go ahead and talk about how the last imperfect week went past, in an imperfect manner!

It was a rather relaxed fun- filled week.

I flew to Surat to join a school friend in celebrating his parents’ silver jubilee marriage anniversary. It was insane fun; we danced to gujju beats, filled ourselves with sumptuous desserts and had a much needed & much awaited sleepover (there were two, but I kept my streak and slept the second night xD). I hope I am able to get back with these folks every couple of years, we need these reunions, all of us!

Running routine went just fine, wrapped up the week with a 13 K run. Not at all happy with the pace though, I guess I will double down on strength training and replace alternate strides/ jogs with 5–7 K tempo runs. Registering for the IDBI Half Marathon in Feb last week, next month and a half is going to be intense!

Meditated 3 out of last 4 days of the week. I joined this group where you need to send an acknowledgement after meditating each day and if you don’t do so, you’ll be kicked out. That will hopefully help me with consistency in the month to come. Ping me if you’d like to join in!

Been reading Creativity.Inc. I am amazed by how the founders of Pixar brought hard science to not just art, but creative management, absolute genius! Should be able to complete it within 2–3 days, next up Hard Things about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz!

Apart from all this, watched quite a few movies that were immense fun and brought about some perspective- Up, Monsters University, Karwaan, The Iron Lady and The Reader.

And yes, I finally started taking keyboard lessons. Must admit that it’s a challenge and learning curve very different from things I have picked up in the past. Music sure requires concentration, but a different kind of concentration. To get things right, I felt that you gotta be in a zone where you aren’t thinking too much, but are present fully. Reminds me of this line from Creativity Inc., “If you think, you stink!”. Anyways, I think I am getting hooked to the process, excited to see where this goes.

The coming week will see a few meetups, more movies, keyboard practice and most importantly, discipline!

That’s pretty much it!



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