With a game library as massive as the NES, there will come a time when the Dudes discuss a game that not even they are experts on. Never fear! The Dudes search far and wide to bring in others that know the game well so that the listeners will not suffer (we think).

This week the Dudes talk about the RPG Faxanadu and they bring in special guest Aron Robison to help them out. Aron is a Faxanadu Guru and he sits down to talk with the Dudes about this game. While the Dudes have never got to the end of this game, Aron has and he tells us about the last time he beat the game.

While being a more obscure NES title, Faxanadu had some fame in its time. It was one of the early RPG’s and it had a place on Nintendo Power’s top 30 games for some time. For more on this game, give the Dudes a chance and have a listen.

Retrofitted Trophies

Meditative State – Get to the Guru

Gots me lots of golds – get 1500 gold from the king

Magic Missile – Use deluge to kill one of the spiky dwarves

Armed to the teeth – buy the best of everything

Gym Class Trophies- martial arts power

Jerkin’s for Jerks – Upgrade your armor

It’s a me Mario – make it to 2nd town just jumping over everyone

Jacks Wild – Get your first J key

Game Rating

Magic Spell:

Hungry Pit


Wish Spell



Behind The Scenes Look




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