The Dudes are joined this week by honorary Dude Hickman. The three dudes discuss the obscure (yes, Aaron Hickman is a fan of the obscure, like his podcast) game StarTropics.

StarTropics is a game that for those that experienced it, was loved. What’s not to love? Yo-yos? Awesome. Baseball equipment used as weapons? Again, Awesome. Plus the game carries with it a fun time that is reminiscent of Zelda. Although Dude Justin had to make an early exit this week, Dude Michael and Dude Hickman dive deep into the game.

Other than talk about the game, the Dudes cover several topics and hilarity ensues. Also Michael takes on Dude Hickman in another round of historical tidbits and trivia quiz game.

Michael’s Quiz Record: 3Wins – 2Losses

Retrofitted Trophies

King of the Ocean – Talk to the dolphin

Mike Jones Who!? – Talk to the town people and find out your name

Knowing is half the battle – Beat the cobra

It’s a secret to everybody – Get on the shape and enter the code

Second Hand Nightmare – Buying the game second hand and not having the code

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! – Beat the ghost boss

Game Rating

Kid’s Toy:


Paddle Ball


Behind The Scenes Look

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