The Day After Tomorrow, Oleg ‘watawatabou’ Dolya, 2016

Art and the Internet

Twitter. Middle atwork by Alexey ‘Gas 13’ Garkushin.
Tumblr. Artworks in the post by Daneil ‘ahruon’ Oliver a.k.a. AbyssWolf.
Facebook. Artwork by Ricardo Juchem.
DeviantArt. Artwork by Arvey Yudi a.k.a. archipics.
Mess exaggerated for dramatic effect.
Photographs: public domain. Photoshop skills: me.
Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, 1503–1506
CGSociety. Artwork: Pixel Mountains, Daniel Schmelling, 2016.
ArtStation. Artwork: Water Temple, Alex Rennie, 2017.
Dribbble. Artwork: FORS Calendar 2016, Sergey ‘RayNoa’ Kostik, 2016.
Behance. Artwork: Food stand, Girardo ‘Kirokaze’ Quiroz V., 2016.
ZX Art
ZX Art. Artwork: Golden Axe II, Oleg Origin, 2016.
Porco Rosso, AlbertoV a.k.a. DYA Games, 2016
#LegendOfZelda, Marc ‘dostMarc’ Manier, 2012–2016
#island, Fabian a.k.a. Vierbit, 2016
Bemidji Project, Andrey ‘Weilard’ Lyapichev, 2016
Firstborn, Stas Gailunas a.k.a. orangemagik, 2016
#AirBalloon, LuisMiguel ‘SoloSalsero’ Maldonado, 2016
List of artists with most favorited submissions.
Excerpt from the profile of Ricardo Juchem.
#MonsterHunter, Enchae, 2016
Trash, Matej Jan, 2016




Pixel Art, Gaming & Saturated Colors

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Matej ‘Retro’ Jan

Matej ‘Retro’ Jan

I run Retronator and make Pixel Art Academy.

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