“been sick for awhile so thought i’d take some time to draw something fun n’ relaxing”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016

Down the color wheel with Merrigo

Retronator Artist Feature

“quick doodles from last night ☼”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“office views 🌆”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
All my color breakdowns are created with Kuler, these days known as Adobe Color CC.
“Some friday feels ☁️” (left), “Something small before diving back into the work week ☁️✨” (right), Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“warm ups & palettes” (1 image of 2), Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“Been p busy so have some snippets of stuff sittin’ around my desktop 👏”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“Nice brunch & early june gloom”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“Long time no see 👋”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“Some goodnight doodles. New Zelda has won my heart T____T”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“Lazy day with some sleepy colors 😴”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“🌴 Some quick warm ups 🌴”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“getting used to the new commute home”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“✌️”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“Aaaannd wind down. Good night!”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“Some draws old & new”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“weekends over. have a good week everybody ✌️”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“Morning thumbnails over coffee 😪”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“Landed back home! Have some late night draws”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“last one for the road ✦”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“Worked from home today to wait out the Big Bad Storm. Have something I doodled on in between work and waiting on emails ☔”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
The hue coponent of the image (left) and just the values (image with saturation at zero, right).
“Some draws after work.🌿”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“Doodled while the internet went down during the storm. Tadaa 🌸”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“scenery warm up from earlier. my brain is stuck on full body commissions”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“I’ve had too much free time in the office and have gone overboard”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“🌞 Beach doodles before bed 🌴” (top), “small little study of a fave-o plant pal 🌿” (bottom), Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“some zeldz \m/ very hyped for majora’s mask coming out soon!”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“finished pic + color testing from along the way”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“good mornin’ 😴”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“im just gonna leave this somewhere so i dont keep working on it until i inevitably F IT UP”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“messin’ with palettes”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“we need a beach day, man”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“dream workspaces #109281” a.k.a. “wait i’ve never actually posted a gif on twitter”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“aaaand warm ups pt. 2”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“tada festive twitter header”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2013
“Good evenin! Have a lil rest stop🌼🏡🌼”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“lil Hylia statue on my lunchbreak 🌞”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“: *”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“messing around with a pallet! night o/”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“🍃” a.k.a. “work day wind down 👀”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“stay cozy ✌”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“Last draw of the year. Have a good one ✌️”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“also my business cards came in and they are just lovely!”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“odds ‘n ends from twitter. happy sunday! ❤”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“Slowly chipping away at prints for AX! Thought I’d redo an old print of my favorite game & character: Small Creature Messes Up Big Time for the 3DS”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“Fave weirdo dittos while I wait for tea 😬”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2017
“👻🎃”, 2016 (left), “I’ve been hyped all day!!!! Have a D.va while I casually run off and play”, 2017 (right), Amanda ‘Merrigo’
“workin on some mini prints :’ )”, 2014 (left), “send my love to every cat”, 2016 (right), Amanda ‘Merrigo’
“stuff from twit”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“Clutches my chest I cannot wait for this update”, 2016 (left), “sumer time dude”, 2014 (right), Amanda ‘Merrigo’
“⚔I loved DS3!!⚔ I’ll have this as a print at AX2016 at table F24 ((( : (more sword emojis)”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“My sister invited me over to check out her pumpkin patch and it was all the cute it could be 🎃”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“have a fun weekend! 👻”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“☔”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“still really liking this palette! happy friday to you all!” a.k.a. “more twitter stuff from earlier! pppeace ☄”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2014
“| ´ `)ノ”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“Small post-vacation warm up.”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“Finishing up stuff for conventions, so I’d thought draw for me a bit. \o/ 🌙”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015
“have a good week! ✨ 😷”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2016
“🏰”, Amanda ‘Merrigo’, 2015



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