Customer Spotlight: Mugsy Jeans

Impact: UX-driven return experience for optimal shopping experience.

What is your story?

We are Mugsy Jeans, a menswear designer offering comfortable, slim fit jeans for men. Our goal is simple, it is to make jeans that men look good in, that are supremely comfortable, with breathing room for the crotch. Since launching a couple of years ago we have been featured by Esquire, Buzzfeed, Mashable and others.

What value does Return Magic bring to your store?

The portal on the front end delivers a strong shopping experience, a must in today’s convenience-driven world of online fashion. Shoppers now expect to return whatever doesn’t fit easily, or they will take their dollars elsewhere. Return Magic gets that, and it provides a way to eliminate the tradeoffs between a liberal policy that increases conversions, and a restrictive policy that saves profits. It allows us to get really smart about how we manage returns. Above all we appreciate the strong UX/UI of the branded return portal that is seamless from a shoppers point of view — they actually stay on our site. At the same time it take a few minutes to install, so very easy to work with.

You had many suggestions and ideas when you tried the Return Magic beta. How was your relationship with the developers as you tested the app on your store?

The Return Magic team has been heads down focused on solving any issues, they move fast and make you feel like your feedback is welcome and taken into account into their decisions. I have the trust that if anything goes wrong they will be on top of it and solve the issue in a very reactive manner. That’s what they have done with us so far.