Customer Spotlight: Lunya

Impact: Massive time savings via automated return labels.

What is your story?

We are Lunya and we are all about celebrating the modern woman and creating sleepwear that inspires her. For Lunya, luxury is about quality, style and impeccable execution, not about an inflated price tag. Our core business is centered around being direct to consumer, which means we can invest in the fibers like our sensational Pima and master craftsmanship and deliver superior value at a fair price.

What is the single most important feature of Return Magic?

If I can pick only one then I would say automated labels. Return Magic allows to provide shoppers with an automatic label, from over 50 carriers globally, directly when a return is requested — if it meets the return policy. I can decide who pays for the return based on many dimensions like the country of purchase: for example we offer free returns in the US with a free label, and international customers are sent instructions to ship back on their own. I can also decide to deduct the cost of the label if the return is due to fit, and offer a free return for defective items. It’s all really flexible and powerful.

Also, the beauty of automatic labels for us is the amazing amount of time we save from manually sending labels and processing each return. We estimate to easily save over 40 hours per month in customer service time spent on managing returns. The dashboard provides a streamlined workflow that allows to minimise manual work and that brings a level of transparency on return status that we just didn’t have before. Our CS team has been really happy to be able to focus on more important tasks with the time freed up from returns.

Anything else that makes Return Magic stand out for you?

We also like the fact that it offers a per return pricing plan (although I think they may also offer fixed annual plans for Shopify Plus merchants?). For us the volume of returns tend to vary a lot throughout the year, and it’s good to know we only pay for what we use. Overall the price point is very reasonable for us. I can imagine it is good for small merchants too, since you pay a few dollars per month only if you do a low volume of returns. For high volume merchants the extra features like analytics make the value proposition even stronger, by giving us the tools to understand and act on return data.