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Seungwon Go
Jul 10, 2019 · 2 min read

By Seungwon Go, CEO & Founder at ReturnValues (

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This is a powerful mobile wallet that can cover all users and all cryptocurrency.

Get the new wallet with the best security which supports almost all Ethereum based tokens right now.

Montak is mobile cryptocurrency wallet with user-friendly function and powerful security. You can make payment at the store with instantly generated QR-Code and also interpersonal transactions are possible through code scanning. Easily trade with your cryptocurrency.

Powerful Security

Montak works in conjunction with the mobile phone screen lock function for the best security. With dual security settings, you can safely protect your assets against the risk of hacking and loss.

Convenient Wallet management

Montak does not require a membership sign up when creating Wallet. You can also manage multiple wallets on one device. It is also very convenient because you can see the transaction log at a glance.


Only frequently used cryptocurrency and tokens can be added to the main screen.

The transfer fee is automatically set and the processing status of the transaction is expressed as a percentage (%).


Sellers can generate QR CODE with information such as sales items, price and address, when selling merchandise, and when trading with cryptocurrency. When the buyer scans this QR CODE, they can go directly to the screen where they can pay with the cryptocurrency.

Montak can manage most ethereum based tokens as well as major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you enter or scan the token’s contract address, you can add it directly to your wallet.

When the deposit is confirmed, the user is informed in real time and the change of the price of the cryptocurrency can be checked immediately.


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