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ReturnValues All-in-One Blockchain Solutions for Ethereum

By Seungwon Go, CEO & Founder at ReturnValues (


EtherLook is a service that can track Blocks/Transactions/Tokens/Accounts of Ethereum Private/Public Network.

This provides optimized functions to manage various transactions generated by operating Blockchain within the company. In addition to Private Network, it allows to manage Ethereum Public Network Transaction, similar to Etherscan.

Key Features:

1.Dashboard for Token: Provides multi-angular (total) index and chart based dashboard to allow users to monitor how issued tokens are being used.

2.Dashboard for various transaction lines generated from Smart Contract: It is important for company to manage the status of who created which transaction within Smart Contract. This provides Smart Contract focused dashboard.

3.Provides function to search by Smart Contract Title and Function Name, in addition to Transaction, Account and Token Address.


Keychain is a Chrome Extension App that stores keystores of Ethereum account and handles transaction with Ethereum Network.

Developers can develop Web/App applications the same way they used to develop existing apps. Users can access the Ethereum Network by transmitting only search and save parameters to Keychain in json format that Keychain provides.

Users can experience the same UX as conventional Apps that has been serviced, by improving the inconvenience of UX caused by using Metamask when developing Ethereum based DApp.


Solgen helps developers to deploy Smart Contracts to the Ethereum Network by uploading Solidity file.

In addition to providing a UI that allows developers to run each function in a Smart Contract, this also automatically generates JavaScript Function Code to enable developers to immediately start dApp development, by using Html and Web3.js that corresponds to UI. Smart Contract developers can now automatically create DApp by using Solgen. This auto-generated code includes all the features users can use right out of the box.

Token Generator

ERC20 token generator. A wizard that makes it easy to generate ERC20 tokens. Tokens can be pausable, burnable, mintable and with a claimable ownership.

Create your own digital currency for sale distribution.


This is mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows to manage major coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (including ERC20 Token). In addition to coin transfer (withdrawal/transfer), users can create QR code by inputting product name, price and account information. Also, this provides the screen to send coin by retrieving product information, price and account information when users scan printed QR code.

Design System

ReturnValues Design System is a Vue.js based UI component that provides various UI components needed for DApp development. In addition to general UI, it also provides the Blockchain specific components to help users to develop DApp faster and reliably.



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