ReturnValues dApp Design Card

Seungwon Go
Jun 9, 2019 · 2 min read

By Seungwon Go, CEO & Founder at ReturnValues (

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The dApp design card is a card that allows users to quickly create a website wireframe using about 200 UI widgets. The dApp design card includes various logos that make up the landing page of the website, as well as photo/video/voice upload and download, profile lists post, various chart creation, chatting, and purchasing functions. In addition to the UI Widget required for a typical website, the dApp design card has added a special UI to the dApp so that the blockchain project teams can create a wireframe, especially at the stage of configuring the dApp. Quickly design your dApp with UI Widgets related to cryptocurrency accounts, KYCs, and Contracts. The project team can use a dApp design card to brainstorm ideas for services and to refine the ideas they have come up with.

Service Planner : The planners of the project team can use the dApp design card for the entire function configuration and planning process for UX, such as what functions will be required during the process of planning the dApp, what functions will be placed on the landing page, and what screens will appear when clicking on the button.

Service Designer : Designers combine multiple designs with a dApp design card, and can design the best combination and design methods for design. For example, you can use different types of chart design cards to see which charts you can use to show the most effectively. In addition, UX designers can quickly configure their screens through their dApp design cards and test them to produce the best UX designs.

Service Developer : Developers can shape their ideas together with the project team through the dApp design card before they start developing the dApp. They can set the direction of development, plan ahead, and start developing the ideas.


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