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Reuben Skewes

3 Reasons Bieber is Better at Sharing Jesus Than You

Instagram: @justinbieber

3 things we can learn from Justin Bieber about sharing Jesus:

  1. Keep It Real
    Faith is a journey, not a destination, and people relate to our humanity, not our perfection. Justin does well to show the ups and downs of his life and his faith which helps people understand that Christians are just broken people being made whole through Jesus.
  2. Keep It Simple
    The Gospel is simply profound and profoundly simple. A great testimony shares how your story and God’s story intersect. Justin does well to explain simply what his life was like before Jesus, why he chose Jesus and how his life has changed (and continues to change) since following Jesus.
  3. Keep It About Jesus
    Jesus is the most revolutionary person to have ever lived and an encounter with Him can change you forever. Rather than getting caught up in semantics, arguments, and theological differences, Justin does well to continually point people to Jesus. He ensures Jesus is the hero, not him.



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