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5 Ways to Arouse Curiosity When Sharing Jesus

Curiosity is something that comes naturally to us as children, yet seems to disappear as we age, if we aren’t intentional in fostering it. It cultivates innovation, calms emotions and creates an openness to unfamiliar experiences. Arousing curiosity is a powerful way to share Jesus.

People are often more spiritual than we give them credit for and they naturally become ripe with intrigue when we live out our faith in a way that isn’t condemning and ridged but loving, intentional and fun.

Here are 5 ways to arouse curiosity when sharing Jesus:

1. Reclaim the Definition of Christian
To arouse curiosity we need to reclaim the definition of ‘Christian’. We must help people understand that Christians are just ‘broken people made whole through Jesus’. We are not an exclusive club of do-gooders or a special interest group. Rather, we are everyday people who have come to terms with our brokenness and accepted the grace of God.

2. Model Jesus
The greatest model of faith sharing is the model which Jesus exampled to us. Throughout the Bible, Jesus used the power of curiosity. When expected to judge, he wouldn’t. When expected to have dinner with the elite, he would have dinner with prostitute and thieves. Rather than being on the fringe of the community, Jesus was always at the heart of it. There is much to learn from that.

3. Ask Questions
Jesus would answer questions with questions. Whether it was with the Pharisees, the rich young ruler or countless others; Jesus teaches us the power of curiosity through questions. In the same way that a counsellor asks questions to prompt thought and discovery, Jesus did the same. He asked questions to reveal peoples hearts, so he could connect.

4. Lay the Groundwork
When it comes to sharing Jesus, rather than rushing to get a result (decision/conversion), it’s good to lay the groundwork for people to experience Jesus. Create environments which arouse curiosity towards your faith rather than environments which possibly push people away.

5. Apologise
It is amazing how far an apology can take you. There have been many unusual things said and done in the name of evangelism and often non-Christians can find those a hurdle to accepting Jesus. When arousing curiosity, be apologetic for the evangelistic faux pas which has given Jesus a bad name, while also being unapologetic about the truth of the gospel to transform any life and any culture.

As Christians, we ought to be able to show the distinctiveness of Jesus and His incredible saving grace through the way we live. Living in a way that arouses curiosity in others does not ignore the fact that people are dead in sin, it just gives us credibility when it comes to the moment of helping people realise that.



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