Crowdsale kicks off on August 8

Pre-crowdfunding campaign starts on August 8 to promote the crowdsale as well as to test how the community responds to the service. Developers plan to raise 500, 000 USD during pre-crowdfunding. REVAIN pre-crowdsale is the first crowdsale precedent ever that would be accepting Bitcoin Cash.

Crowdfunding itself — as well as the forthcoming token creation — are based on smart contracts operating on Ethereum platform. If users would wish to support us, they would simply need to send cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Etherium classic, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, NEM) or other blockchain projects tokens (a complete list will be provided later) on or after August 21. Crowdfunding will last for 2 weeks with 70% of tokens being emitted.


REVAIN is a breakthrough review platform implementing blockchain technology making sure that the feedback the users leave is authentic. The authenticity is achieved by the operation method where reviews fragments are processed both by machines and manually and then are saved into the blockchain. Therefore, there is a guarantee that those comments won’t be edited later. KYC-systems features are used to provide super organic reviews and minimize the risks of fake ones. The businesses therefore can always get an adequate feedback from platform users — real customers, which allows them to take their product or service to the next level. The platform token called RVN is used to motivate users to leave only legitimate reviews.

REVAIN’s ultimate vision is to create a user-friendly interface allowing businesses to get genuine customer feedback about their product as well as users to learn about other people’s experience and share their own feedback.

REVAIN’s team is made of developers and designers pioneering blockchain solution creating a new level of trust and transparency.

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