How Feedback is Organised on Revain Platform as Opposed to Other Feedback Sites

In this consumer-driven, online era, feedback can be a valuable resource — or a manipulated commodity. Revain’s platform provides a place for authentic reviews of crowdfunding crypto ventures.

Using its unique blockchain technology and token incentives, Revain is developing a forum that businesses and users within the crypto community can trust. That forum is also easily understood and user-friendly to navigate.

Users can access general categories of projects, exchanges or wallets, or search for a specific product. Users can also browse Revain’s compilation of “Most Valuable” reviews or most recently posted.

How Feedback is Organised on a Platform

First, any platform has to get the feedback from its reviewers. Many feedback sites publish material immediately, and work backwards to determine quality of content. Yelp recommends what it considers high-quality reviews, but doesn’t necessarily remove lower-quality reviews. Amazon similarly offers users an authentication stamp of “Amazon Verified Purchase.” The sales site also solicits for quality feedback through its Early Reviewer and Vine Programs.

This doesn’t mean Amazon immediately pulls less-qualified reviews. It clearly states a policy of “anti-manipulation” and harsh punishment for users who violate the policy. Many of Amazon’s investigations begin with users informing them of suspicious reviews that have been posted.

Revain, however, uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to evaluate its reviews before they are published. The algorithm analyzes the tone of the reviews and categorises the feedback as spam, positive, or negative. Spam reviews are discarded before they are entered into the blockchain, and never make it onto the site itself.

Blockchain is akin to a digital ledger for transactions, which can store records, exchange assets or execute contracts. Each transaction is cryptographically validated, permanently recorded, and replicated across a computer network. Once the review enters the blockchain, it cannot be edited or altered by Revain, the reviewer, or the business under evaluation. This means that a published review is free of manipulation and worthy of trust.

How Revain Organises Reviews

Like most feedback platforms, Revain’s reviews work on a five-star system. However, Revain’s reviewers give stars in three separate categories, which are then averaged into an overall star rating. Whatever the product or service, each reviewer notes pros and cons of the system, and then gives a final summary of their opinion. When users find a review helpful, they can click on a sharable link to bring fellow crypto-holders to the spot.

Revain endeavors to give its users information in bite-size chunks, unlike sites such as 99Bitcoins, which features in-depth but much longer reviews. Yelp also gives its readers bite-size chunks, but their reviewers put those chunks in general paragraphs instead of in three categories. TripAdvisor also offers reviews in paragraph form, but the length varies widely.

Incorporating its blockchain technology, Revain users can actually click to see where and when the review was locked by the blockchain. The site has a chart that displays the review ID, action hash, and timestamp.

Who is Giving the Feedback?

All of the reviews can be viewed by product or reviewer. In each Revain reviewer’s profile, users can see the history of the reviewer, past usefulness of other reviews, and read through all product feedback by that person in one spot.

When reviews are grouped together by product, Revain compiles all of the authenticated feedback to give average star ratings in the three separate categories and overall. Users can view either the “most valuable” reviews or the latest reviews related to that product.

CryptoCompare also has pages specifically dedicated to each product, but their followers give one-line posts in an open forum. The reviews have to be searched for in a different tab.

Getting an Overall Look

The final way to see a compilation of reviews on the Revain platform is by sections. Projects, exchanges, and wallets each have a ranked list users can access. The lists all give the average overall star rating and number of reviews, along with additional categories based on the product type. The default setting is by rank, but Revain allows users to sort the list by the other categories as well.

Yelp also offers its readers a ranked list based on reviews, but the top two are always ad-sponsored spaces. In Revain, the rank is solely dependent on popularity and people’s impressions. A large amount of high-quality feedback will move a product higher in the overall ranking.

Interested in a Project, Exchange or Wallet?

Different arenas within the cryptocurrency world require different criteria of evaluation. When a project is reviewed, authors consider the factors of team, communication, and progress. The ranked list Revain compiles notes the rank and number of reviews for each project, and also shows its volume, price, and open source activity.

Click on the volume or price, and you can see a graph of how that has changed hourly in the last day. CryptoCompare uses a similar style of list on their main page, but breaks down volume into total and direct. They use a seven-day chart as opposed to hourly, and show one number for the 24-hour change instead of a time graph (to get to a time breakdown, you have to visit the project’s specific page).

Exchanges in Revain are evaluated on the categories of support, withdrawal, and registration process. The ranked list not only displays an exchange’s rank and number of reviews, but also its launch date, total volume by Bitcoin or United States dollar, and trading pairs.

When reading reviews about specific wallets, users can see star ratings about security, anonymity, and ease of use. In the ranked list of all of the wallets, reviews and ratings are joined by cryptocurrencies, type, device, eligible operating systems, and whether or not extra services are offered.

Influence Upcoming Layouts

Revain is still developing its platform, and wants users to be directly involved in the process. The projects, exchanges, and crypto wallets have been available for user participation for several months, and Revain added Crypto Cards to the line up in January. Revain is asking users to vote for the next section that they would like unveiled.

Options include mining pools, crypto casinos, and crypto games. Users can add their own category onto the voting ballot as well. The most popular section will be added onto the platform in the near future.

So instead of slogging through a melee of online feedback for crypto crowdfunded ventures and trying to determine authenticity, Revain users can easily navigate to the information they need most. Users can influence what information will be featured in the future, and have confidence that what they are reading is uninfluenced by manipulation or hidden bias. Join the Revain revolution now.

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