Nov 6, 2018 · 4 min read

By Nikita Kosmin

So you’ve been with us for a while and you’re probably wondering if we’re going to be good at providing an excellent service and keeping up with the rest of the world in these ever-changing times of magic and mayhem. So many companies rise and fall, and it’s reasonable that you would want to do a due diligence check on Revain. After all, all we encourage you to do is due diligence checks on the projects you’re going to join. So we thought we’d beat you to it and present a few reasons why we think our rating is the best of all those around. Enjoy.

You may have learned some of the information from our recent blog post (source). You’d have to read it to really get it, but this is the gist:

“We strive to constantly work on maintaining the system to keep it up to date and avoid random or non-argumentative reviews, like rage reviews for instance. Protecting Revain scoring system from all sorts of manipulations is essential…

A project with an average score of 4.5 that has 100 reviews will be rated higher than a project with an average score of 5.0 but only 15 reviews.

The score is calculated by the following formula:

Score = 100 (2.9999 + (avg — 2.9999) (0.45 + 0.2031*ln⁡(n)))


n — number of reviews <br> avg — the average ‘overall impression’

Ultimately, the re-calculation allows ensuring that Revain ratings are 100% fair and transparent, this much harder to compromise. A new formula allows keeping the major focus on the average score as it is the prime multiplier in the score equation. See how it works for yourself at”

So it’s all very well, you say, but I could have read the Whitepaper myself. What else have you got?

Well, 1) other reviews come from one source. As you know, the law is — once is an occurrence, twice is a coincidence, and three times in a row is a pattern. The more reviewers tell you the same thing, the higher the chances that you’re hearing the truth. Revain is happy to be providing you with thousands of reviews from all over so that you can put together a truly remarkable picture of things just as they are.

2) Our system puts the companies with quality reviews at the top. Since it’s impossible to force people to write reviews and we have an anti-bot system at hand, the only way for the companies that are being reviewed to get to the top would be to encourage the public to write good stuff by providing good service. It’s evolution at its best.

3) As our colleague states, even negative reviews can help if you’re a company rep — or even if you watch how a company rep deals with them. Find the article here.

“Having customer reviews and ratings can mean a lot for your business. Besides helping elevate your SEO ranking and driving traffic, they also assure your clientele that you are authentic and trusted, thereby increasing client confidence. Even having bad customer reviews may help show that you tolerate criticism and are open to change. Here’s why (explained by Forbes):

“Nothing but five-star ratings can seem too good to be true. But the best thing about a bad review is that, as the owner of the company you have the opportunity to respond in a way that will win customers over.”

A study conducted by an internet marketing company based in London, Reevoo, concluded that bad reviews improve conversions by 67 percent. In short, bad reviews demonstrate you have integrity because you haven’t manipulated your customer ratings. “

If you’re representing a company and client sees you responding in an effective and professional way, they get a demonstration of exactly how good you are in unplanned events. (We hate to say it but) sometimes adversity brings out the best in you.

4) We encourage best reviews and use the filtration system to weed out poor quality reviews. Additionally, good (and by that we mean quality) reviews get awarded, giving our users an additional incentive. There are multiple advantages to using this system plus the fact that we use blockchain, meaning there is no tampering with the system in any way. So we’re pretty much bulletproof — and if you have any feedback or think we could do something better, we would love to hear from you. Our coordinates are on the site. Revain is ready to provide such a platform (a Widget engine) for exchanges and rating sites. Example.

Add to that a kickass IBM Watson AI, a solid team of devs working around the clock to maintain professional service, and probably the friendliest support team in the world — and you can see why our numbers are growing so fast. If there’s anything else you want to see on our site, let us know.

Feedback is the key to evolution and evolution is the key to, well, the future. Hop on board!

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Reliable reviews at your fingertips

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