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In July ICO market saw the most rapid growth with blockchain projects raising more than $540 million and making traditional venture capital investments in startups deviate even more. In total $1.38 billion of the total $1.67 billion in ICO funding was raised in 2017, which represents more than 600% growth year-over-year.

Unfortunately, it’s often the case that those crowd-sales have no steady businesses behind them — a lot of startups are accumulating funds without even having a duly working prototype! How can an average user navigate through those astonishing varieties and striking numbers of ICOs with a huge probability to be nothing more than a bubble?

Well, there are some factors to be taken into consideration when deciding where to invest.

First of all, the product that is being developed needs to have a stable business-model that continues to grow in value when there is decentralization and/or tokenization. And the model itself should be in demand. That’s why the best ICOs would be those where users are shareholders or where their actions contribute to network or business value growth. For example, a model where token-holders can be direct participants of the project network.

It’s essential that ICO is a means, not the goal. Product built on blockchain is the goal while ICO is simply an alternative funding model. The business should solve a real problem and its tokens should be the means of interaction that will stimulate both sides to be the participants of the network.

Technical side should be taken into consideration as well. Crowdfunding instruments built on Ethereum platform guarantee system stability and minimize the risks of losing the investment.

But again an average user normally doesn’t have that expertise. What if there was a service where one could get peer-to-peer feedback on ICOs making sure that the one you’re investing in is reliable? Well, there has never been one — until now.

Using blockchain technology REVAIN managed to create an economic model that allows common users to review ICOs at the same time — unlike other review platforms — being highly motivated. The platform allows users to discuss various projects that have successfully carried out an ICO. It’s an opportunity to have a look at other users experience and evaluate an investment risk. REVAIN is a system of beneficial exchange: while reviewing other companies, users are getting reviews about their own products. To keep track of that exchange there is an exchange currency unit — an RVN- token. There is also an option to sell your right to get reviews to another user.

The second token type — R-token — will be used to accumulate funds during the crowdsale as well as the currency for exchange trade later on. R-token is not bound to a special wallet, so can be easily distributed or sent to the stock exchange or easily disposed of in any other way. Although developers suggest using the token with their software, ERC20 allows disposal of the token through any Ethereum client, like Mist or MyEtherWallet. This way the investors minimize the risk of losing funds in tin case the software malfunctions. So to take part in the crowdsale a user simply needs to go to the website — and follow instructions. Before the crowdsale my advice to you is to leave your e-mail on the website to not to miss anything. Judging by the experience of other blockchain projects this token will be highly volatile due to the speculative nature of the market nowadays, i.e. its value might grow 2000% with the process of more new ICOs appearing where REVAIN may act as an social regulatory to kick out bad companies from the market. The RVN token will be used exclusively inside the REVAIN system. The approach allows for a stable exchange rate. All interactions between the platform, users and companies is based on this approach. R-token is made on Etherium platform using a classic ERC20 mechanism. Additional motivation for companies would be an additional bonus in the amount of 100 free reviews to the first companies who will choose REVAIN as their partner. Later on tokens can be exchanged directly through REVAIN as well as via other exchange services.

The goal of REVAIN’s crowdsale is to secure funds for R&D and to cover platform-related costs. During the crowdale R tokens will be available for purchase for a fixed price. The total of R tokens issued will be 1 000 000 000 tokens, 70% of which will be available during the crowdsale. 20% will be distributed later between the members of the team for the R&D purposes. The remaining 10% will be given to advisors and the members of the bounty program.

REVAIN is partnering up with to allow users get a legitimate outlook of risks involved into investment taking into account such factors as:

  • startup’s business model

This platform indeed has a chance to become groundbreaking on the review market. Starting up with ICO-reviews developers are looking into expansion to other review markets as well: cryptocurrency exchange, trading platforms, e-commerce, booking and gaming markets and even FMCG. The platform’s mechanism is truly universal!

As per late July 2017 REVAIN is undergoing alpha testing. The main mechanics of interaction between users and the platform are already in place, as well as the mechanism for platform-blockchain interaction. Public alpha is announced for the start in September 2017.

Yes, ICO investing is risky. But same was true about all those IT-startups in the early 90s — that’s when Amazon and Google were created. ICO market now is another opportunity to be the part of next tech-revolution — both for investors and startups. REVAIN might as well be one of them.



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