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Revent’s investment in Avelios

Henrik Grosse Hokamp
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3 min readNov 5, 2021


The shift towards software in every field of the economy and public life is rapid and very visible, so it was not a surprise when Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said: “Computing is a core part of every industry (…) every company is now a software company”.

Despite such digital ubiquity, one vital industry is still lacking tremendously: healthcare, and in particular, hospitals. While hospitals play a critical role in patient care — and while there have been great advancements in medical diagnostic and treatment technologies — the hospitals themselves are still largely run on old-school, analogue processes, often involving paper and pencil. Besides being highly inefficient, this dated infrastructure contributes significantly to skyrocketing administration costs and can result in suboptimal treatment of patients, with longer wait times, delayed, inconsistent, and incorrect treatment.

Against this background, we are delighted to announce our investment into Avelios Medical ( ). The Munich based company was founded in 2020 by Nicolas Jakob, Dr. Sebastian Krammer and Christian Albrecht with the vision of improving people’s lives by digitizing hospitals and enabling data-driven patient care.

To deliver on this important vision, the team built a modular platform that digitizes and optimizes hospital processes with state-of-the-art software in an extremely user-friendly way.

Indeed, one of the key reasons for the shockingly prevalent use of analogue tools is the difficulty in integrating new software products into legacy hospital information systems (such as the Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Record) that form the IT backbone of every hospital. One of the core features of Avelios’s platform is that it sits on top of the hospital information system and can therefore be easily integrated into hospitals. This key functionality, along with the modular nature of the platform means that it can easily scale to different medical specialties, departments, and clinics.

But Avelios is not just digitizing healthcare workflows. The Avelios platform automatically generates fully structured treatment data along the patient journey, beginning with intake data. This unique dataset enables cutting-edge research about which treatments and protocols are most effective for different illnesses and conditions, thereby enabling a paradigm change in healthcare towards data-driven treatment. In doing so, Avelios’s software will not just optimize processes and meaningfully drive down costs, but will also help save lives.

The Avelios software is already successfully being used in the outpatient clinic and laboratory at the University Hospital Munich (LMU) and is being rolled out in other hospitals and departments.

We’re proud to lead Avelios’s 2m€ seed round together with a strong group of healthcare angel investors and HTGF. Avelios shares all the ingredients of a typical Revent investment: a very strong, intrinsically motivated team with a complementary skill set, a big vision to solve a major issue for society, and a clear path to achieve this vision. We look very much forward to working with the Avelios team on their mission to significantly improve healthcare!

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