I Hate Phone Comparisons

Everyone and everyone compares top phones to OTHER top phones. It is getting kind of boring. I am guilty of said comparison. I have been part of two android sites so of course I compared phones. Now I look back though and I am just annoyed. I did it as a job but not because it was a good idea.

I see a lot of sites stuck on the idea now! They love the idea of embarrasing or challenging what other manufactures make. The weird part is that it can be other android manufactures, it tends to be Apple, sometimes even Windows Phone.

I think the part that frustrates me is that each phone is very similar but each has their own subtle difference. Some are quad core, some are octo core, some are even dual core but they mostly do the same stuff. I have yet to see a phone take full advantage of the amount of cores the device has. Maybe some do for games, but I have also seen others use dual or quad and achieve a very similar result. Another that bugs me is when people talk about the graphics processor and unless there is a specific thing that takes advantage of said processor, it means nothing.

RAM matters. That is very important I believe. Feel free to compare and contrast on this level. I usually don’t see many really talking about it, but it does happen and I am ok with it. This is as far as I go here.

Major Takeaway: People like what they like, articles are good for guiding someone to something and they have helped me choose one thing over another. In my opinion, specifications are better to write about when it comes to each and every phone, comparing those phones only gives you a perspective of what the writers likes. It is hard to find an article where the writer isn’t biased to one devices based on previous experience. I write that way, the big time writers do it and the micro bloggers do it. It is out there, it is real and it happens.

Please stop writing comparison reviews guys!

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