Album Review — “Iteration” by Com Truise

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“It’s like a 80’s wet dream in here.” — My exact thoughts on this album.

Normally, I’m not quite a fan of 80’s themed soundtrack/albums, but Iteration is one of the very few I can listen and get into. Warbling synths, Echo-y drums reminiscent of the past, all with a modern touch of Com Truise-y goodness. It’s as if Aphex Twin’s “Druqks” and Blank Banshee’s “Mega” album had a synthwave-themed birthday party for their child they named “Iteration”.

“…Of Your Fake Dimension” reeks of a Stranger Things intro, but somehow still surprises me in the end. A reverb-filled fever dream combined with a Tron-esque flow with a deep, pulsating bassline and wispy synths.

However, if I had to pick favourites, it would have to be “Vaccume” and “Isostasy”. Both, for some reason, give me slight Haywyre-vibes but are enough to keep me on my toes awaiting the next measure. “Vaccume” reminds me of the post-2010 Dubstep phase where everyone tried to do Glitch Hop with little success, but Com Truise has just enough originality to stray from that thought and create something unique.

Overall, the album has a interesting production value, using simple synths in complex ways, but there were only about 4 tracks that I would listen to on repeat, out of a 12 track album.

My rating for “Iteration” by Com Truise is: 3 out of 5 CD’s.

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