EP Review — “Somewhere Between The Light” by Nu:Logic

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Nu:Logic, one of the pride-and-joys of Hospital Records hath stricken again with a EP that has good vibes and feelings, but lacks in individualism as a cohesive idea.

Every song is good in it’s own right, and the EP is excellently produced, with every song emitting all kinds of emotions like a shotgun wedding, but when you compare the tracks together as an EP, it starts to show some glaring similarities, mainly in production style.

An example of this is the same “kick-snare, kick-snare” pattern for the drums. I understand that it’s D’n’B and trying to avoid that pattern is hard, but Nu:Logic isn’t your run-of-the-mill production duo. Hailing from England is sure to be an advantage, but I feel that due to that similarity, each song starts to blend together, which could be beneficial when listening casually or even in the background, but not so conducive to listening for attention and detail.

How I feel that this EP does make up for the drum pattern issue is in the feelings and style of it’s tracks. Every track has a different message, feeling, or emotion to it and that definitely helps it’s case when it comes down to individualism. “Strut” for example, is a standout track in the EP not just due to it’s production style, which is very “out-there” for emotional D’n’B, but due to it being simplistic and textured at the same exact time. “Our Night” is another good example of a standout track in the EP. Somehow keeps a D’n’B vibe but can bring it to a more commercial pop style, which isn’t a bad choice in this case. If it wasn’t for the vocals from The Nextmen, this track wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is.

If I had to pick my favourite track out of this whole EP, it would have to be “Side By Side” featuring Tomas Oliver. Still a little too “Hospital Drum & Bass-y” for me, but the vocals and the overall feeling of the tracks keeps me hooked in for every beat of the entire track. Once again, in the case of “Our Night”, I feel that if it wasn’t for the vocals, the track wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is.

My rating for “Somewhere Between The Light”: A solid 3 out of 5 CD’s. (Got to give myself some wiggle room for future reviews, ya’ know?)

Buy/Stream/Watch “Somewhere Between The Light” here: https://nulogic.lnk.to/SomewhereBetweenTheLightaf

Nu:Logic’s official website: http://nulogicmusic.com/

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