Single Review — “Forest Settings” by Bubba J

What started as a joke track for Mr. Bill turned into something much more than that…

Honestly, this track is amazing for being the advancement of a joke track. Quick, rolling, ever-changing, and most of all, quirky. “Forest Settings” is a track that feels as if Noisia put on a pair of Pyrovision goggles and produced a track. Full of spunk and sass, with just a touch of anger hidden in it’s f**k-i-fying neuro bassline.

However, I feel that if it had a proper outro instead of a reverb tail, it would be so much more amazing because the outro it has now doesn’t lend it any justice and just feels as if it was left hanging instead of actually ending this bad trip of a track.

Also, make sure to look out for Bubba J’s newest LP titled, “Natural Distractions”, which this track is featured in.

My rating for “Forest Settings”: A solid 4 out of 5 CD’s for pure enjoy-ability.

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