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Petar Slovic
Sep 2, 2018 · 5 min read

The last few weeks have been truly amazing! One week after the public release of the Review.Network , we are now thrilled to announce our second MVP — a .

We’ve simultaneously released an update for the User MVP app to make it work seamlessly with the Company MVP, so be sure to update!

The public release of these two applications makes the Review.Network’s MVP business-consumer feedback loop a full circle. Businesses can create surveys and see live results as users fill them out. This also allows for users to discuss products and services in a community-driven review platform.

This is just the beginning. With the MVP as a solid base, we are already working on the next features to add as we are getting closer to the release of the Beta version of our platform (scheduled for end of 2018). Development is right on schedule, and seeing our MVP apps public for the first time gives the team added drive and motivation to keep moving forward!


The Review.Network company MVP implements essential market research tools in a secure and decentralized platform.


When a company registers on the app, providing email, company name and a password, a new wallet is generated, allowing for immediate use of the platform. As with the User MVP, your email or password are not transmitted over the network or stored in any database. They are employed locally for authentication, with the password being used to encrypt your wallet before saving it to your browser’s storage. Passwords are not stored anywhere.


After registration, head over to your Wallet to top it up. We provide an integrated system (faucet) where you can request REW and ETH to test the app — just click “Request ETH” and “Request REW” buttons, and after a few seconds the funds will show up in your wallet.

To use the platform, make sure you get some of both cryptocurrencies. Ether allows you to submit transactions directly to the test net, while REW allows you to run market research campaigns, and automatically reward users who respond.

If you start running low on either REW or ether, don’t worry — just come back and request some more.

Creating Surveys

Now that you’ve got some tokens in your wallet, you can head to the “Market Research” section, click on the “New Research” button and start creating your first survey.

Firstly, enter general information about your survey. Make sure you input the desired number of respondents and the price per answer. The total cost of your survey will be number of desired responses * price per response — this is why you need to have REW in your wallet to create a survey.

TIP: the higher the reward, the faster users will provide results.

The next step allows you to compose your survey by adding as many questions as you need. In the MVP version, you can choose the type of questions, being a linear scale, or multiple choice, with more options coming soon.

Once you click the “Save and Publish” button, your survey will be created and active on the blockchain, with users being able to submit answers.

NOTE: The creation process might take a while to complete, so please be patient — the app is communicating with a bunch of decentralized technologies behind the scenes, including directly submitting transactions to the blockchain, which could take up to 3 minutes.

Survey Details and Results

One your survey is created, you’ll be redirected to the main research page where you’ll see your new survey appear in the list.

Select the survey to see its details and start receiving live responses.

As users respond to your survey, the graphs will update automatically, allowing you to follow its progress!

It’s important to note that the responses to your survey are encrypted in such a way that only you can read them, thus making it impossible for your competitors to get insight into your business, even if they got hold of the raw data. Also important, you will only see anonymized analysis of data, keeping your respondents’ privacy safe. Later stages will allow users to disclose certain data with you in exchange for REW tokens, and allow you to finely target surveys to a specific demographic.

My Account

Finally, you’ll find the Logout button and a way to report issues on the “My Account” page.


After recently being featured in , the public release of The User and Company MVP applications moves Review.Network a huge step forward. We absolutely love the fact that anyone can now try out Review.Network, which at the same time gives us more opportunities to experiment and implement novel functionalities.

We invite any and all feedback — it will be crucial in pushing the frontiers of market research and online reviews!

Don’t forget — your opinion matters. Let’s improve market research and online reviews together!

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Blockchain startup aiming to transform the way reviews work.

Thanks to Matt Yanofsky.

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Blockchain startup aiming to transform the way reviews work.